Welcome to Lode Star!

LODESTAR is a project growing to ever expanding levels of communication for the ideas and practices of the Indo-European, Germanic, Mazdan and Left Hand Path traditions. The LODESTAR is the Northern Star, Polaris, the unfailing guiding principle of steadfast truth. This remains the guiding principle of our work. We are the legitimate inheritors of the mission of Runa-Raven Press. Some of the books published by that house will find a new home here, but more importantly this is the main home of the present and future work of Stephen Edred Flowers or Edred Thorsson.

We have over forty new books in the pipeline and plan to have a blog and ever more audio, video and written content available to customers and subscribers in the near future.

One of our main projects at this time is the development of a church or temple for the establishment of a restored Indo-European religion. This is based on the prophetic insight of the ancient priest Zarathustra who lived in Central Asia almost four thousand years ago. Our vehicle is known as the Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord and is completely universal in its appeal. This is the mission of our most ancient ancestors to the whole wide world.

With knowledge of the Mystery of the LODESTAR we will be able to navigate ourselves back home, even in the depths of darkness. In the crucible of darkness, RUNA became Light. Let the fires of the principle of focused consciousness lead the way.