Magic of the Norse Goddesses: Mythology-Ritual-Tranceworking • by Alice Karlsdottir

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This is an important and original work by a leading expert in Norse religion. It makes new and dramatic teachings available and applies these methods in a practical way in order that the ancient Norse goddesses can speak directly to those who seek their ageless wisdom. The book contains practical advice on how to look for a goddess, do tranceworking, conduct rituals, as well as the mythology of many otherwise obscure feminine deities, e.g. Frigg, the Allmother, Eir, the Doctor, Saga, the Storyteller, and many others.


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Skaldic Number Lore • by Robert Zoller

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Robert Zoller is a world-renowned astrologer, Hermetic philosopher and
author (_Lost Key to Prediction, Inner Traditions, 1980). In this book
he presents some of his landmark work on he esoteric significance of
number and number-symbolism in the Germanic and Runic Traditions.


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The Secret King: Karl Maria Wiligut • by Stephen E. Flowers

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There has been much speculation about the "occult roots" of National Socialism, yet very little concrete documentation has ever been uncovered about the actual occult practices of the Nazis-- until now. This book contains the entire corpus of occult writings by Karl Maria Wiligut, who was a runic initiate and shadowy "Secret King" of Germany. Wiligut was commissioned by the SS to write rituals and private reports on Runes, secret Germanic traditions and prehistory. It was through this position within the SS that he came to be known after his death as "Himmler's Rasputin." This book contains a vast amount of never before translated and published primary evidence which shows the extent of Nazi involvement in Runic esotericism. This first edition of the book is now in limited supply, and is available at half the original price!


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