Secret Practices of the Sufi Freemasons: The Islamic Teachings at the Heart of Alchemy • by Rudolf von Sebottendorff

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This is a new Inner Traditions edition of _The Practice of the Ancient Turkish Freemasons_ which was available for several years with Runa-Raven. This edition is improved in every way and includes a substantial introduction that covers biography, history and ideology, as well as some explanations about the theories underlying this mysterious text. This is the only practical book of magic produced by the founder of the infamous Thule Society of pre-war Germany. It is a manual of Sufistic alphabetic meditational work with the keys to the alchemical process. The Sufism is that of the Baktashi sect of Turkey into which the author was initiated in the early part of the 20th century. Translated and introduced by Stephen E. Flowers.


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